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Everett Carl Mehner

March 10, 1928 - December 12, 2013

Everett Carl Mehner
March 10, 1928 - December 12, 2013
Age 85
Born in San Diego, California
Inventor/ Senior Associate Engineer
Parents born in Berlin, Germany
Military service 3/10/45 – 2/3/53. From 5/49-9/49 his activities included the following: attack sonar school, radio and sonar class, submariner radio and school; in addition he taught basic electronics for navy schools as the Chief Electronics Technician. This position he held until the time of his discharge.
Capehart-Farnsworth Co, Fort Wayne Indiana 3/53 – Electronics Technician - designed test equipment for Terrier Missile
From 6/28/53 Everett worked as a Research and Development Technician for Cubic Corporation, where he worked on and designed numerous antennae and electronics systems for several aircraft systems, such as the LN66 Helicopter, the F-111 and F-18 jet aircraft, and Airborne Radar Data System for the WP-3D aircraft, as well as numerous range and radar tracking systems. Following his retirement on 10/6/95, he continued to work part time for Cubic as a Senior Associate Engineer until 4/7/99.
Among his shared Patents for Cubic Corporation are the following:
Multiple-feed luneberg lens scanning antenna system
US 4531129 A
Jul 23, 1985
Clubs, Societies, Organizations & Foundations:
Astronomy club
California Native Plant Society
San Diego Botanic Garden
San Diego River Park Foundation
San Diego Natural History Museum
San Diego Historical Society
Coronado Historical Association & Museum Of History & Art
Audubon Society
San Diego Zoo
Maritime Museum of San Diego
Surfrider (Everett paid for an ashtray to be put up in front of the Amvets store we shopped in every Friday for years.)
Walkabout - Everett helped lead the Friday night walks in Mission Hills.
Mission Hills Garden Club
Planned Parenthood
Sierra Photo Club
"Everett was basically the unsung foundation of the club.  He kept the membership list, ran the newsletter, and was the equipment manager. After he got ill and was unable to attend, the club floundered, and I believe SCPS is no longer in existence, which underscores his importance.”
Steve Cirone
Sierra Club Photo Section
Past President
l. 1 No. 1 (PDF version) July, 2001
The VIEW Finder
Sierra Club newsletter
“We discovered Everett Mehner is a "Back To The Future" scientist. His Range Rover has every imaginable gizmo, and is still dented and scratched from a recent roll over. Fasten your seatbelts!”
SD Horticulture Society
"For many years Everett was one of the volunteers who helped with running the projector (with speakers' slides) at our monthly meetings, and also helped with making videos of our speakers. These were both very important tasks necessary to the smooth running of our meetings, and he was a reliable and much-appreciated volunteer."
Susi Torre-Bueno
Newsletter Editor
San Diego Horticultural Society
Text from the SOHO 2003 newsletter, on the "SOHO Lady" award, along with a link to that information:
Volunteer Profile
Everett Mehner
A jewel of a man, Everett comes to the Whaley House almost weekly to cater to any need we might have. He replaced all the unsightly 1960's lighting and electrical strips from the walls and woodwork of the house, and has handled other electrical problems throughout the property. Furthermore, Everett has loaned the house numerous furnishings, such as paintings & tableware for the interpretation of the museum. He generously donates his time and energy, and is always available at a moments notice for any emergency. We have the deepest gratitude for Everett Mehner.
“I know that every one of us was quite fond of Everett. He was a whiz of a handy man, and during the time he was volunteering regularly, we depended on him a lot.” Alana Coons, SOHO
First United Methodist Church of San Diego
2111 Camino del Rio South
San Diego, CA 92108
Everett C. Mehner was received into membership in 1956 by Rev. Stanley McKee
1975 Everett built and installed the dimmer for the Sanctuary lighting system.
1978 He built & installed a pneumatic clapper system to play the church bells from the organ. It was used until 1997, when the bells were upgraded.
2002 He built the chandeliers for the transepts.
Everett started to usher faithfully every Sunday when Rev.Mark Trotter started the 8 am service.
Everett helped to feed the homeless in Balboa Park on Sunday evenings with the Church.
Everett joined the “Chain Gang” every Tuesday at the 1st United Methodist Church in SD in 1998.
Everett was a member of the senior walking group/dinner at Cynthia Miller’s in Coronado
A memorial service will be held on January 18, at 11:00 a.m., with Dr. Elbert Kim officiating.
First United Methodist Church of San Diego
2111 Camino del Rio South
(Mission Valley west of Texas St.)
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 297-4366
Remembrance by Gerhart Albin Mehner, Everett's brother, and his daughter Pamela Mehner Tyler-Hiller, as written by Pamela:
"Both Dad and Everett grew up speaking German and did not learn English until they went to school. I have pulled out the book of family records Everett gave me a while back. His mother's name (my grandmother) was Charlotte Brylowski and she came to North America from Berlin in the summer of 1922. His father, Albin Ernst Mehner, was a butcher in various countries of Western Europe (Switzerland, Germany, and Italy) before coming to the U.S. and finding work as a butcher.”
“I also asked my dad today what he could remember about Everett's life history.
Dad confirmed that Everett was in the Navy post-WWII on a submarine for part of the time. He said Everett went to the Vocational High School in the SD Unified School District. He did work for Cubic Corporation. Everett traveled quite a bit for work, including to South Africa.”
Everett under the direction & supervision of his mother helped to plant fruit trees surrounding the apartment building on his property with his mother after purchasing the 2510 Horton property.
Everett and Linda, good friend and companion, worked together in the garden on projects including planting an edible garden and rain water collection barrels. He built stands for large rain water tanks after calculating the weight of the water they would hold, the force needed to be able to attach hoses to them for easy watering, also modifying a pump that hoses could be attached to for the various rain water tanks around the property.
If you would like to send a donation in Everett C. Mehner’s name please consider the following Non-profits:
The San Diego River Park Foundation
(619) 297-7380
Rob Hutsel, Executive Director
Donations are tax-deductible
San Diego Canyonlands
Everett Carl Mehner US Flag